Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.It defines and evaluates the basic economic concepts, theories, and methods.
2.It offers a basic level of policy proposals towards current economic problems.
3.It analyzes in the context of economic and social events in a historical perspective.
4.It explains the role of economic actors (such as government, company, or household) in the economy.
5.It follows national and international economic indicators and developments and it uses economic knowledge and methods in different areas.
6.Itprovides methods, tools and techniques necessary for the modelling and analysis of economic data and evaluates outcomes accordingly.
7.It defines economic systems, decision-making, policies and problems and it provides feedback about them.
8.It benefits from other disciplines tht contribute to economic basis and holds a basic knowledge of these disciplines.
9.It explains and comments on economic growth, development and productivity problems on basic grounds.
10.It provides sufficient know-how in sub-branches such as public economics, industry, agriculture, environment and natural resources, labor, knowledge and ownership of the economy, international finance, money, in political economy and econometrics.
11.It defines and evaluates the concept of business on basic grounds.
12.It provides a sufficient level of legal know-howthat may be demanded from high skill labor in both public and private sectors.
13.It defines the role of innovation, creativity and technology in the dynamic global economy.
14.It shows skills that will be useful for future employment opportunities and the working environment.
15.It considers science as a rational individual with professional and ethical responsibility.
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