Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Have knowledge about concepts, definitions, theories, historical development and profession related to the fields of Recreation and Physical Education and Sports.
2.Have knowledge about health, healthy living, physical activity and related subjects and understand its relationship with recreation area.
3.Gain knowledge, skills and equipment in the field of recreation, theoretical and practical issues and different sports branches and knows
4.Can identify problems in the field of recreation, knows the principles that can be used in solving a basic problem, develops solution proposals.
5.Has the basic skills in organizing recreation activities, organizes, manages, implements and evaluates these activities.
6.Uses effective communication skills, communicates well and effectively with team members and individuals
7.Makes physical activity and exercise program, follows the program, evaluates and makes arrangements in the program when necessary.
8.Knows at least one foreign language and gains the ability to communicate in a foreign language in his profession.
9.Follows the resources, new and current developments in the field of recreation and can do research.
10.Plans, manages, implements and evaluates recreational activities suitable for disabled individuals and different groups.
11.Provides personal and professional development for recreation area according to the requirements and developments of the age.
12.Topluma ve bireylere serbest zamanı etkili kullanabilme bilincini kazandırma sorumluluğu duyar.
13.Knows and adheres to human rights, professional and ethical values.
14.Can transfer emotions, thoughts, opinions and projects effectively in recreation.
15.Prepare projects in the field of recreation, manage and implement them, take part in projects in harmony as a team member.
16.Can plan, manage and take part in multi-disciplinary Can collaborate with other areas outside the recreation area when necessary, as a multi-disciplinary activities, projects and studies can plan, manage and take part.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue