Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.To become individuals having high intellectual capacity, improved social skills, positive thinking, the ability to adapt to different environments and institutions
2.To have technical equipment, flexible thinking and action ability and multiple language skills to be capable of working in international platforms
3.To be able to utilize the basic knowledge they obtained with an interdisciplinary approach to business, economics, etc. in creating expertise in the fields of International Trade and Finance in accordance with the requirements of the globalized business world
4.To develop suggested solutions and recommendations by informing the people and institutions predicting regional, national and international problems in the fields of international trade and finance with a proactive approach
5.To possess the ability of analytical thinking and the ability to synthesize with quantitative proficiency as required in the program
6.To have the characteristics to inquire and investigate the knowledge and skills acquired during the education process in relation to the requirements of existing market conditions
7.To identify and analyze the validity of theories related to the international trade and finance and their relationships regarding current conditions
8.To possess the knowledge of a second foreign language to the extent of their individual abilities, besides the competency in the English language to be able to communicate effectively
9.To have the qualifications of managing and being managed to solve existing and potential problems encountered in practice
10.To be able to organize activities that will contribute to the personal and professional development of the employees in the department where he/she holds an executive position
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue