Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Burçin ÖLÇÜCÜ
Head of Division
Assoc. Prof. Yasin YILDIZ
Vice Head of Division
Our students who graduated from the recreation department can apply to the departments within the institutes of our university for postgraduate education. In line with the decisions taken by the institutes each year, the number and quality of students to be admitted to graduate education are determined. The application requirements of the recreation departments are announced in certain periods each year. Although the number and quality of the students to be taken vary according to the institute and the department, it is expected from the students who will apply to meet the ALES score requirement at certain levels. Candidates who meet the ALES score requirement of the relevant institute or department must be successful in the science exam to be held by the head of the department. You can follow the announcements of the relevant departments from the links below. For detailed information, you can contact your academic advisors.
Today, more than 15 Recreation Departments provide service in Turkey.
To raise science experts in the field of recreation, which are sought after in the national and international arena with the knowledge and skills gained academically, who provide recreation services to the society, carry out innovative research, under the leadership of scientists who contribute to the universal knowledge in the field of recreation.
To be a pioneering program that contributes to the creation of a researcher, innovative, leader in its field, open to developments, physically active and healthy in the light of education and training at international standards and scientific and technological developments in the field of recreation.
Recreation specialist applies his profession in the light of universal knowledge and ethical values. It works in cooperation in accordance with the interdisciplinary nature of the concept of recreation and leisure. It serves the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health of the society with recreation organizations in the form of physical activity, sports, cultural and artistic activities. As a researcher, innovator and entrepreneur, she performs the profession of recreation science expertise.(dişil) It continues its professional development in line with national and international standards in the field of recreation. It designs, plans and manages recreational activities to meet the leisure time needs of all segments of the society.
Physical Infrastructure
The program can use the laboratory facilities of the Faculty of Sports Sciences and the Institute of Social Sciences and our University.
Technical Infrastructure
In the program, our university's units such as laboratory, youth center, foreign relations and library are used.
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