Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Hüseyin ÇELİK
Head of Division
The Journalism Master's Program follows an education program that conveys different approaches to communication processes in practical and theoretical plan. In this context, the profession of journalism, media industry, communication technologies are discussed in detail and the ability to analyze them is gained.
Journalism Master's Program was opened in 2023. Students will be admitted in 2024-2025 Fall Academic Year.
To train contemporary communicators who can fulfill the requirements of the journalism profession, who are experts in traditional and digital journalism media in the communication environment, who are well-equipped, prone to teamwork, open to innovations, who observe the ethical values of the journalism profession and the field, who can think critically, who are sensitive to social issues, who prioritize the public interest while performing their profession, who are aware of their social and professional rights and responsibilities, who can be beneficial to their country and the world with their ideas and projects, and thus contribute to the formation of a democratic and egalitarian communication environment.
To be a program that makes a name for itself in the academic and professional field by following the developments in the fields of traditional and new media journalism, updating its knowledge and skills, making a presence in the national and international arena with its work, using critical thinking skills and technology, making innovative and solution-developing social contributions, raising creative, sensitive individuals and working "always forward". This program also provides the integration of the profession of journalism with the present day in the technological context by addressing the concepts of new media and digital media within the framework of general journalism practices.
To educate individuals who can use the basic concepts of journalism and communication, who are based on a scientific approach, who use the modern learning methods necessary for this, who can evaluate the media-society relationship from a critical perspective, who recognize problems in this context and try to produce solutions.
Physical Infrastructure
The Journalism Master's Program will be conducted in the classrooms of Aydın Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Communication Building.
Technical Infrastructure
Classroom, Classroom Computer, Projection Machine, Journalism Workshop, iMac Lab, PC Lab
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