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Education System
Agricultural Structures and Irrigation Master - Regular Education
Education System
Agricultural Structures and Irrigation Department masters and doctoral degrees; have been successful for their courses, have completed work on a thesis topic, successfully deliver seminars and is given to candidates who have successfully defended their thesis.
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
Lateral transfers are determined by offering of department subdivision and Institute Executive Committee’s decision. Lateral transfer can be made at the beginning of each semester.
Qualification Awarded
Graduates that complete the program requirements successfully, earn "Master’s degree in the field of Farm Structures and Irrigation"
Specific Admission Requirements
To admit, applicants; - Should be graduated from a faculty that requires at least four-year education,faculty or collegein abroad that equivalency is accepted by The Council of Higher Education (YÖK) - Minimum 55 score should be receivedfrom computational and equal weight ALES test - Equivalency of undergraduate diploma should be approved by The Council of Higher Education (YÖK) - Furthermore, applicants should be eligible for other conditions notified in the call. - Evaluation and placement of Master’s degree applicants: - For the evaluation, total score is compromised of 50 % of ALES test, 20 % of graduate degree and 30 % of oral testand evaluations are done by Institute Executive Committee. - Minimum score of 60 out of 100should be taken by the applicants in order to be eligible for the placement. - Oral test is performedin given date and place by three academic staffs who are appointed by Institute Executive Committee among from four academic staffs suggested by the subdivision of the department. - Applicants who are not attended to oral test are disqualified. - Final scores obtained by the applicants are declared fromascending to descending order. - In case of equal scores, applicants’ oral test score is considered. - Results of applications are send to Institute Chair within two business days aftercompletion of oral test and announced after Institute Executive Committee decision.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
Students who successfully completed at least one semester in Master’s degree program in another department within InstituteorMaster’s degree provided by higher education Institutes independent from the University are eligible for the Master’s program of the University via lateral transfer. Lateral transfers are determined by offering of department subdivision and Institute Executive Committee’s decision.For the lateral transfer, students should hold acceptance conditions of the relevant department successfully completethe continued courses in the previous department and receive a grade minimum 70 for master’s degree and 75 for Ph.D. program out of 100 full grades or equivalent. Acceptance of student to the relevant program is decided by Institute Executive Committee in view of department subdivision.
Profile of The Programme
The goals of the Master’s Degree in Farm Structures and Irrigation are to develop students’ knowledge in Farm Structures and Irrigation discipline in order that they may analyse and understand the basis of a research study. The research work performed experimentally and theoretically or computational will provide students with the personal skills and professional perspective to enable them to be effective in the application of Farm Structures and Irrigation.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
In the Local Government (Municipal, Provincial Administration), in Union (Manufacturers Association, Irrigation Association, Village Services Unions), in Public Institutions and Organizations (DSI, Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry, Public Bank, etc..), in universities and the private sector is able to provide counseling agricultural and food can be served as a technical staff responsible for control.
Access to Further Studies
Successful graduates of Master’s degree who hold minimum requirements for ALES and English language scores could apply for Ph.D. in related or multi-disciplinary study fields and following successful completion of oral test could be placed the Ph.D. program.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Course attendance should be 70 % for theoretical and 80 percent for applied parts of courses. Grades are determined as the total of forty percent of midtermand 60 % of final scores. Other activities i.e., seminars, homework, projects, quizzes, reports also can also be used in students’ performanceassessment. In order to be successful, students’ course score should be minimum 70 out of 100. Exams, tests and assessments for each course are given in detail in ‘course education program’.
Graduation Requirements
Graduation requirements are explained in the section “Qualification Requirements and Regulations” .
Work Placement
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