Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes be able to comprehend information about basic animal nutrition and feeds for protecting animal health, scientific and technological animal production. be able to formulate economical and full-satisfactory rations with considering product quality and health and inform animal producers about practical/appropriate feeding methods. be able to apply recent scientific and technological developments in animal nutrition easier and produce proper strategies against to problems on this field. be able to analyse the properties of feeds used in proper and economical rations formulated due to needs of animal species. be able to inform animal producers about the common feedstuffs used in animal nutrition be able to interpret physical, diagnostic and chemical analysis methods used in determinin feed quality. be able to comprehend processing and the effects of processing on animal yield. be able to identify the term “feed hygiene” and have information about the usage availability of contaminated feedstuffs. be able to apply the informations related to feed additives in a proper way. be able to formulate the results and factors decreasing production. be able to apprehend the nutrition related diseases and their solution recommendations which may be applied in feeding or formulating feeds for preventing nutiritonal diseases.
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