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Education System
Internal Diseases (Veterinary) Master - Regular Education
Education System
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is a five-year First Cycle Education. Students successfully completing the degree in Second Cycle and Third Cycle, provided that they meet the conditions will be accepted. The estimated time for Second Cycle in three, and five years for Third Cycle Education.
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
To these nominates succesfully completing First Cycle and/or higher education may be attended to Third Cycle programmes due to enough remarks on ALES examination and enough foreign language konwledge.
Qualification Awarded
This programme has the second stage of ECTS credit. Students graduating the Third Cycle programme acquire the doctorate in science degree at Internal Medicine.
Specific Admission Requirements
Second Cycle Program, Veterinary (High) with a Bachelor's degree with a certain grade point average and who meet the foreign language exam and interview are admitted to the result of the fall and spring semesters. Third Cycle program with a bachelor's degree depends on the specific requirements of the Third Cycle program applicants. Candidates Student Selection and Placement Center (SSPC) conducted by or equal to the weighted numerical score in ALES score at least 55 points must have a. Candidates UDS / TOEFL than 55 points, or one foreign language exams are considered equivalent by the Interuniversity Board must have the equivalent points. Student admission to the Third Cycle program, and placement; ALES score, 60% admitted graduate diploma score of 20% with a bachelor's degree, master's grade of 20% to 20% of the assessment interview is by Institute of Health Sciences. To be successful, the candidate's total score for each of the three reviews must be at least 70 out of 100.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
The applicable provisions of the Regulation applied on Adnan Menderes University, Graduate Education.
Profile of The Programme
The main purpose of the Internal Medicine (Veterinary) Second Cycle's program is to provide the ability of student's access to information by carrying out research, evaluation and interpretation of the relevant information. Internal Medicine Second Cycle program is dedicated to training of graduates related to gaining of theoretical and practical experience, the ability of attending and acknowledged to updated arguements. During Second Cycle’s education along within deepening the basic information, following updated novelty, screening and evaluating sources (literature), preparement and executivement of projects are acknowledged. Second Cycle students by offering broadcast scanning techniques for preparing and presenting seminars for developing themselves in the educational process. Quickly access information during master studies may be reached by evaluating the information to transfer theory and practice.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Internal Medicine (Veterinary Medicine) Second Cycle Degree Graduates can work in all areas of interest to both large and small animal health, public agencies, private sector, universities and research institutes.
Access to Further Studies
Upon successful completion of a Second Cycle's degree graduates, and to take note of ALES valid provided that they have sufficient knowledge of foreign language begin doctoral studies.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
The exams are in the form of mid-term and final written, oral or written, can be applied. The student to enter the final exam, at least 70% of theoretical courses, must have participated in at least 80% of the applications. Full marks in exams is 100. The grade is 40% of the midterm exam and a final exam grade is calculated by adding 60%. Of this total, as well as in order to be successful in a course and final exam grade, you must have at least 75 points for a PhD. Out of 100 points as letter grades obtained within the framework of the above assessment, the current ADU Graduate Education Regulation scoring table are taken into account. Continued failure to satisfy the requirement of the course, or in case of failing at the end of the semester, the applicable provisions of the Regulation apply ADU Graduate Education. Notes that not all of the student's ledger is processed.
Graduation Requirements
Second Cycle's degree program contains at least 21, a maximum of 30 credits, a minimum of seven courses, one seminar course, and thesis area of expertise.
Work Placement
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