Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Knows basic principles of animal rearing and breeding.
2.Knows physiological and morphological traits of farm animals. He/she can achieve a successful herd management by means of transferring his/her knowledge to the rural area.
3.Knows management of the animals and can take required measurements in the farm. He/She controls the productivity in the farm and keeps all farm records.
4.Knows selection and culling methods.
5.He/She can involve in all stages of production in the farm. Knows how to establish and manage of farm enterprises. He/She can help to the entrepreneurs who will enter the farm business.
6.He/She can detect and eliminate hereditary defects and problems by using his/her basic genetic knowledge.
7.Knows production traits due to his/her knowledge about hereditary principles. He/She can achieve heifer selection and determine breeding strategies for maximum production.
8.He/She can involve as an expert in scientific researches, breeding programs and judicial issues with his/her knowledge about race determination, parenthood tests, blood groups etc.
9.Knows how to reach resources and knows selection criterions of scientific researches. He/She can systematically present data. Knows statistical concepts and how to can get data, and present those as figures and tables and how to comment them. Knows different statistical methods. He/She can design a topic as a scientific paper.
10.Knows animal behaviours. Knows legal directives about animal welfare and can design some facilities such as housing, feeding, transferring and slaughtering processes according to these directives.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue