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Academic Information
Education System
Biophysics Master - Regular Education
Education System
Biophysics MSc program provides a two year master's degree education..
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
For the exchange of students between the programs, the education and examination rules of the Adnan Menderes University Institute of Health Sciences are executed.
Qualification Awarded
Master of Science
Specific Admission Requirements
Admission graduate program are made according to principles prescribed Board of Higher Education and Adnan Menderes University Graduate Education Regulations. Candidates must have at least four year of domestic Undergraduate diploma or Council of Higher Education Faculty acceptance for the people who graduated from abroad and must take at least 60 point GPA over 100 full grades and at least 55 points from ALES in numeric or equal weighted. If Faculty of medicine alumni prefer TUS score instead of ALES they should take at least 45 basic medicine score.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
For the exchange of students in between different faculties, the education and examination rules of the Adnan Menderes University Institute of Health Sciences are executed.
Profile of The Programme
The main purpose of the graduate programs in the Department of Biophysics of the Institute of Health is to raise up scientists who are educated in the field of biophysics and can contribute to this field with scientific research. The graduate programs of the Biophysics department aim the students to attain the ability to make independent research, scientific thinking synthesize a broad perspective of scientific events.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Graduates may serve in health service vocational high school and Research Institute with the title of Master of Science Biophysics.
Access to Further Studies
The graduates of Biıphysics MSc program of the Institute of Health Sciences can continue their education in the PhD programs if they fulfil the requirements.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Exams are consists of midterm exam, final exam and summer school. Student must have participated at least 70% of theoretical lectures, 80% of applications in lab to take final exam and summer school. A full mark of exam is 100. Exams can be written, oral, written-practical, and oral-practical. Examination results notified to Institute within seven days from date of examination. Passing grade is calculated as taking 40% midterm exam and 60% final exam or summer school exam. In order to be successful in a course, applicant must take at least 75 points in final or summer school exams and the passing grade of the course should also be at least 70 points.
Graduation Requirements
To receive the degree of Master of Science (M.SC.), the students must take at least 7 courses with 21 national credits and 120 AKTS credits minimum, 1 seminar course, during the semesters they must collect at least 30 AKTS credits, complete their thesis study and be successful in thesis defense.
Work Placement
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