Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Basing on the nursing degree level qualifications, to be able to comprehend the latest theoretical and applied information at the level of expertise in the field of Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing, and can improve, deepen and use them. be able to bring solutions to issues requiring expertice related to Birth, Women’s Health and Diseases Nursing, solve problems, evaluate gathered results and if necessary apply them. be able to combine information in her/his field with those from different fields to create new knowledge, interptret and synthetize and bring solutions. be able to evaluate information related to her/his field critically and direct the learning. be able to discuss and share field-information, currennt developments and her/his own actual works with groups in the same field or in other fields in a systematic manner. be able to follow evidence-based practices and carry out evidence-creating reserach in her/his field related to professional practices. be able to execute field-related works independently and/or within a team. be able to comprehend statistics, use related software effectively, have skills for choosing the right methods, calculation and interpretation while doing reserach. be able to prepare report of the reaserch she/he did or participated and publish in a valued national/international journal and present at mettings. be able to develop strategy and politics in issues related to Birth, Women Health and Disease Nursing and interpret practice plans and evaluate gathered results in a scientific and ethical framework be able to establish verbal and written communication by using a foreing language at least at the European language portfolio B2 general level. be able to comprehend the importance of ethical principles and ethical rules for the individual and socieaty and behave ethic.
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