Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.To be able to bring up specialized economists with competent knowledge in the field of economics.
2.To be able to train Master of Economics graduates to be employed at public and private and research institutions.
3.To be able to complete a master's degree in Economics with the competence and ability to analyze macro and microeconomic issues.
4.To be able to examine Turkey's economic policies and determine what policies will be successful in determining the economic state.
5.To be able to give insight to self educate about financial markets and international financial markets.
6.To be able to succeed in the examining the economic thought ystems and their influences on the current economic policies.
7.To be able to educate students as those who are knowledgeable about Turkey-EU economic relations and equipped to interprete on the issue
8.To be able to assess the higher levels ofdevelopment gap between the regions of Turkey and to deal with those problems with the perspective of social and economic diversities. i
9.To be able to introduce the market with specialists in economics mastering the new dynamics of change in the economy and the new role of the state.
10.To be able to increase the development of knowledge and technology in Turkey by examining their reflections on the economy.
11.To be able to have knowledge and capacity to assess the financial crises in Turkey,
12.To be able to increase awareness about monitoring Turkey's economic history.
13.To be able to bring up specialists who can reach the data about the structure of the labor force and unemployment rates to make the data analysis with these data.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue