Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1. To be able to develop current theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of primary education
2.To be able to use knowledge they acquired at graduate level in scientific area.
3.To be able to compose the knowledge in the field of primary education with the ones that exist in different disciplines and to come up with new knowledge
4.To be able to offer solutions for issues in primary education by using quantitative and qualitive scienctific research methods.
5.To be able to use information technology in studies related with primary education field
6.To be able to determine the problems in primary education, to develop problem solving ways, evaluate the results and apply the solutions if they are needed.
7.To be able to conduct scientific studies independently or collaboratively
8.To be able to convey current improvements in the field of primary education and studies to the groups in and outside orally, written and visually in a systematic manner
9.To be able to evaluate strategies, policies,practices and results related to primary education.
10.To be able to implement data gathering,interpreting and reporting in taking account of field specific ethical issues
11.To be able to know, adopt and fulfill scientific, social, cultural, and social responsibilities regarded with primary education
12.To be able to use the acquired knowledge of primary education and problem-solving abilities in interdisciplinary studies.
13.To be able to write a thesis which aim to develop primary education field and contribute to science
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue