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Academic Information
Education System
Political Science and Public Administration Master - Regular Education
Education System
In Political Science and Public Administration Master's Degree Programme, there are two semesters of class and two semesters of thesis stages.
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
To have high GPA and not to have failed course(s).
Qualification Awarded
The students who completed the programme succesfully gain the right to own a master's degree on Political Science and Public Administration.
Specific Admission Requirements
To meet the conditions determined by the Council of Higher Education and Aydın Adnan Menderes University.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
Recognition of Prior Education is done according to the regulations by the Council of Higher Education and Aydın Adnan Menderes University.
Profile of The Programme
The Public Administration Dicipline analyses the processes by which resources are allocated and values are developed and discussed within a political system. The discipline explores concepts like power, authority, legitimacy, social class, gender, ethnicity, political participation on the one hand, and institutions like state, government, political parties, pressure groups and international organizations on the other. The discipline also deals with political ideas and ideologies relating to issues like political justice, ideologies and political ideas such as liberty, democracy, morality, and equality. The discipline of Public Administration analyses the processes by which decisions and policies are made within administrative systems and particularly within the state. The discipline also deals with the practical side of government; through the analysis of the organization, management and implementation of public policies and public organizations at national and local governments. As such, it involves program management (planning, decision-making, organizing, leading, implementing and evaluating) and resource management (human resource management and budgeting). public administration both focus on the public arena of human society and by virtue of the commonality of their subject matters they are intricately related to one another. Public administrators cannot ignore the political environment as public policies are decided by the dynamics of political forces. Likewise, politicians cannot ignore public administrators as public policies are implemented by public administrators.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Can work as a senior executive at alll public agencies, can move forward bureaucratic or academic expertise in the field .
Access to Further Studies
Graduates may apply to phd programs.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Each course is assessed via a midterm exam, and a final end-of-term exam, with contributions of 40%, and 60% respectively. The marking is made out of 100.
Graduation Requirements
1) Minimum ECTS Credit Required for Graduation is 120. 2) Minimum Average Grade Required for Graduation is 70 out of 100. 3) It's required to successfully present master thesis.
Work Placement
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