Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Student has the current teorical and practical knowledge in master’s degree in Psychiatric Nursing field based on his previous learning in bachelor’s degree, student realises the knowledge, deepens and uses it.
2.Student shares and discusses his/her knowledge, current developments and his/her own researches systematically with groups from or outside of his/her field in written, verbal, or visual ways
3.Student follows based on evidence practises and makes researches creating evidence about Professional application in his/her own field.
4.Student manages researches about his/her field independently or in an team.
5.Students have information on statistics, uses related softwares efficiently, chooses correct statistical methods while making researches, has the skills to calculate and comment.
6.Student can write the report of the research he/she made or participated and publishes it in an internationally accepted refereed journal or presents it in academical meetings.
7.Student can make strategy and policy in topics related to Mental Health and Disorders Nursing, comments practise plans, and evaluates obtained results in scientific and ethical frame.
8.Student makes verbal and written communication using one foreign language at least B2 level in European Language portfolio.