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Academic Information
Education System
Fundamentals of Nursing Master - Regular Education
Education System
In the Master of Nursing Program, formal education is provided and formal education is provided. The trainings include theoretical and practical trainings. Education-training and examinations are carried out in accordance with Adnan Menderes University Education-Training and Examination Regulations.
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
In the Nursing Department, the national alan Farabi Exchange Program and the international Erasmus Exchange Program are actively used. The Transitional Conditions are implemented taking into account the Farabi and Erasmus Exchange Program Implementation Guidelines.
Qualification Awarded
Master of Science
Specific Admission Requirements
a. having graduated from nursing departments from foreign schools, faculty of health sciences ornursing high school. b. students are accepted according to the principles of Adnan Menderes University in accordnce with the law no. 2547.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
Graduate of nursing
Profile of The Programme
The language of the program is Turkish. It must be a minimum ECTS amount is 120. Those who successfully completed the courses with a thesis advisor must do a thesis ccording to the institute and submit to the approval of the jury.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
those who have graduated from the program are employed as nurses. those who have undergraduate and graduate degree have the priority.
Access to Further Studies
those who have graduated can attend to the doctoral programs.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
examination are made according to the principles of the regulations.
Graduation Requirements
to have master's degree one must succeed the courses, one seminar and thesis study.
Work Placement
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