Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.based on midwifery degree level qualifications, to be able to comprehend the theoretical, practical and to-date information at the level of expertise in midwifery, and develop this information. be able to develop the philosophy of midwifery with information about concepts, theories and principles of midwifery. be able to define the issues of profession of midwifery, and develop the appropriate strategies of national and international professional in cooperation with legislative bodies. be able to develop strategies, policies and implementation plans in midwifery, and evaluate the results obtained within the framework of quality processes. be able to offer midwifery service of the women, family and community health promoting, disease preventive, curative and supportive. be able to describe and discuss the basic concepts of women, family and community health, the national and international indicators. be able to comprehend characteristics of all life stages of women, the potential and existing bio-psycho-social problems, and state care requirements, and give evidence-based midwifery care with problem-solving approach. be able to comprehend statistics, effective uses relevant software, and to be able to select, calculate and interpret statistical methods while doing research be able to follow evidence-based practices related to professional practice and conduct research to create evidence of their field. be able to write the report that she has done / participated the research, and publish national / international a refereed journal publications / offer in the scientific meetings. be able to monitor scientific and technological developments in the area of midwifery, scan literature, critically evaluate and use new information obtained in accordance with the principles of lifelong learning. be able to make oral and written communication at least one European language portfolio B2 using in a general level. be able to comprehend the importance of ethical principles and ethics committees for individual and society, and treat according to ethical principles.
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