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Academic Information
Education System
Landscape Architecture Master - Regular Education
Education System
Full-time training is provided.
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
There is change and transition conditions between programs.
Qualification Awarded
Specific Admission Requirements
a) Graduate students must have graduated from a foreign faculty or higher education institution which is at least four years in Turkey or equivalent by YOK. However, except for non-thesis graduate programs, more than one graduate program can not be registered and can not be continued. b) The program applied by ALES must score at least 55 points in the announcement text, or an equivalent score from an equivalent exam. c) The equivalence of undergraduate diplomas from abroad must be approved by YÖK. In addition, candidates must also provide other conditions in the province. Upon application to the graduate program, the following documents must be submitted by the candidates' application deadline: a) Original or University approved copy of the undergraduate diploma b) Grade point average and notes c) Certificate of results of ALES or equivalency-accepted and internationally accepted exams d) In the USA / ASDs who are in foreign language condition, applicants who will apply for a thesis graduate program must have at least 40 or more a score equivalent to a foreign language equivalent to a foreign language, a score of at least 70 points from exams to be exempted from the preparatory class in programs with a foreign language, or a foreign language to be administered by Adnan Menderes University School of Foreign Languages document showing that they have equivalent points for these applications for the master's application from the proficiency examination e) Application form
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
Students can be exempted from some courses within the framework of the related by laws. If the content of the course previously taken in another institution, then the student can be exempted from this course with the approval of the related graduate school after the evaluation of the course content.
Profile of The Programme
The knowledge and skills to be able to continuously develop and deepen the knowledge gained at the level of the graduate level, to acquire information and solutions by using the conceptual and specialist knowledge of the interdisciplinary relations on the basis of the landscape architecture field, is to educate Landscape Architects who can use the knowledge technologies required by the landscape architecture field at a high level and who can use the foreign language in a level that can communicate in writing, verbally and visually.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Universities (Faculties, vocational schools and landscape design-application units of university rectorates), municipalities (departments of parks-gardens, directorates of development and planning, and cemeteries), some ministry institutions (General Directorate of Highways, General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI), General Directorate of Environmental Conservation, National Parks, Agricultural Research Institutions, General Directorate of Forests, General Directorate of Tourism Planning, General Directorate of Preservation of Cultural and Historical Heritage), Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Urban Planning and construction firms and bureaus, private firms undertaking municipal services, housing cooperatives, tourism and recreation facilities.
Access to Further Studies
Students who graduate from this program can not apply to study in doctoral programs. No doctoral program is available.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
(1) Education curriculums are organized on the basis of the semester. Examinations, midterm, half-year and summer school end exams. In order for the student to take the half-year and summer school final exam, She must have attended 70%. (2) A curriculum covering compulsory courses shall be established, provided that it does not exceed half of the total credit amount of the program. Courses containing scientific research techniques and research and publications are required to be given during the postgraduate education. Apart from this, seminars are given importance with elective and applied courses. (3) Credentialing systems such as ECTS in the evaluation of lecture courses, applications and other learning activities It is implemented by EYK. (4) All exams that measure proficiency, leveling or course achievements are printed on paper and simultaneously with all candidates a question bank which is classified according to the level of area and difficulty and stored safely, it can also be done electronically, allowing time to ask different questions. (5) The full score is 100 in the exams. The exams can be written, oral, written-applied and oral-applied.
Graduation Requirements
A student who is successful in the defense of the thesis and has a minimum of 120 ECTS credits for graduation the student must submit at least three original copies of the master's thesis and at least three copies of the thesis in pdf format the two institutes shall submit the two recorded CDs within one month from the date of entry into the thesis defense. Thesis by shape the graduation of a suitable graduate student is decided by EYK. EYK, if requested, will it can extend for another month. Students who do not fulfill these conditions can not take their degree until they fulfill the conditions, and if the maximum duration expires, the relationship is terminated.
Work Placement
The isn't a internship program.
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