Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Having theoritical information and ability to analyse working life with economic, social, psychological and legal dimensions and interpreting empirical results in the light of theoretical knowledge.
2.Using specialized theoretical and practical information in his/her professional life.
3.Identifying basic problems on labour relations, developing modelling and solving skills.Creating projects concerning these problems, participating in or conducting these projects.
4.Addressing the problems encountered in the field of labour relations using the methods of scientific research.
5.Acquiring scientific perspective by gaining research skills;thinking analytically, creating solutions based on facts, evidences and research results.
6.By interpreting current developments in the light of qualitative and quantitative data, presenting the results in written, verbal and visual ways systematically.
7.creating projects regarding to the problems, being a coordinator and taking the responsibility as a participant
8.Having the ability of developing the application plans, strategy and politics about labor markets and social policy and monitoring and evaluating the obtained results.
9.Having information about the conflicts of business and social security law and solutions.
10.Planning and applying the micro and macro level of human resource planning
11.Being capable of working in a team, expressing himself verbally and in writing correctly.
12.Being capable of professional ethics and sense of responsibility
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue