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Programme Outcomes
1.To be able to have an adequate theoretical and practical domain knowledge.
2.To be able to comprehend the interdisciplinary interaction associated with Mathematics.
3.To be able to use theoretical and practical domain knowledge gained in the field of Mathematics.
4.To be able to interpret knowledge from different disciplines integrating knowledge in the field of mathematics and produce new information.
5.To be able to define, analyse, model and to solve the problems by scientific methods in Mathematics.
6.To be able to conduct a math related specialistic study independently.
7.To be able to develop new strategic approaches to solve problems occurred in unforeseen and complex math-related applications by taking responsibility.
8.To be able to lead in situations that require solving problems related to the mathematics.
9.To be able to criticize his/her knowledge and skills acquired in the field mathematics.
10.To be able to transfer his/her ideas and suggestions for solutions to problems by supporting quantitative or qualitative data verbally and in writing.
11.To be able to communicate both orally and written in a foreign language.
12.To be able to use computer hardware and information technologies with software required by Mathematics.
13.To be able to contribute to the solution of the social, scientific, cultural and ethical problems related to the Mathematics, and being able to support the development of social, scientific, cultural and ethical values.
14.To be able to develop mathematics-related strategies, policies and operational plans, and to evaluate the results obtained within the framework of quality processes.
15.To be able to use his/her knowledge in the field of mathematics and practical problem-solving skills in interdisciplinary studies.
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