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General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Tanju DEMİR
Head of Division
Res. Assist. Muhittin ÇEKEN
Departmental Coordinator
Aydın Adnan Menderes University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of History, Master's Program with Thesis
Aydın Adnan Menderes University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of History, Master's Program started in 2003-2004.
Based on the shape of the present, its first repetition, and the fact that the recent past can be understood by examining it with a global and interdisciplinary perspective, it will be able to get a date estimate, to be able to look at the event and in a way that can be understood and understood; Contributing to the formation of a healthy social memory, for the benefit of humanity and the country, by examining the world history and the different stages of Turkish history in this context, and the interaction processes of Turks with the societies they come into contact with in different geographies, within the framework of a holistic approach with the same method and perspective; To make students comprehend the importance of knowledge in the field of history, with the effect and contribution of being conscious of historical experience in understanding today and making future-oriented policies and decisions; To present the said findings and information to the service of the society and to carry out research and training activities for this purpose.
Since the study of the past is shaped by the conditions and methods of the day, to update the scientific knowledge production and the education given with contemporary methods and techniques; In this framework, to be a department that works with an inquiring and innovative approach, in order to increase the knowledge and cultural equipment of the people of the country and to make Turkey a country that makes serious contributions to science and civilization. To carry out joint projects by providing the necessary conditions for cooperation with universities in the country and abroad. To send our students to universities abroad for education and training by making use of programs such as Socrates and Erasmus. To increase the capacity to train scientists in national and international fields. To provide the necessary training staff and technical staff (research assistants, experts, technicians, etc.) to provide a qualified education. To create better environments (modernization and establishment of classrooms, laboratories and computer rooms). To enrich the scientific environment by periodically carrying out scientific activities such as national and international symposiums, panels and congresses. To provide interactive participation in lessons at every stage. To expand the incentive and reward system in order to increase the quality of education and research in the department. During graduate studies, researchers not only interact with other colleagues and all faculty members in the department, but also provide them with the opportunity to meet and interact with faculty members in our country and around the world. To encourage interdisciplinary studies by establishing interdisciplinary research groups. Increasing the importance and up-to-dateness of the science of history in society with the studies to be done.
To improve the field knowledge obtained by the student in the undergraduate program; develop their knowledge, culture and skills; gain the ability to think scientifically; To enable them to produce scientific knowledge by developing research methods and techniques, to produce original works, and to train experts in the field of History. The aim of the History Department Master's programs is, above all, to work towards meeting the academic staff needs of universities. In addition, it aims to develop the skills of analysis and synthesis by giving an analytical, critical and questioning perspective within scientific methods to people who want to improve themselves in the science of history.
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