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General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Kemal ERGİN
Head of Division
Basic Oncology and Cancer Biology Master of Science Program is the main purpose of the program is to meet the internationally recognized scientific knowledge and laboratory skills equipped with scientific content is to train scientists. Within the framework of this training, it is aimed to educate people who can look at clinical events from a broad perspective on a solid structural and molecular basis, apply laboratory techniques applied in cancer and stem cell investigations, have access to information, identify problem and produce hypotheses, evaluate and present the experimental process. .
The Master's Program in Basic Oncology and Cancer Biology was established in 2016 within the body of ADU Institute of Health Sciences.
Basic Oncology and Cancer Biology describes the microscopic and molecular structures and related functions of different cell types in cancers of different types and stages in humans; molecular, genetic and histopathological levels. The science of cancer is an area of clinical practice, in particular for the detection of stem cells, which are crucial for the early development of the human organism, and the associated laboratory techniques, which have an important place in the treatment of certain diseases and cancer types.
The Master's Program in Basic Oncology and Cancer Biology makes a significant contribution to programs in the Basic and Clinical sciences. Together with the Hematology and Oncology clinics of the Faculty of Medicine, genetics, biology and other basic sciences programs and joint studies with clinical sciences have accelerated and new projects have been developed.
Physical Infrastructure
In addition to the existing clinical facilities (approximately 1144 m2), there are classrooms, laboratories, etc. for the healthy execution of the master's program.
Technical Infrastructure
All kinds of facilities are available in the Medical Genetics / Histology and Embryology laboratories where students can carry out their projects and theses. Students Cell Culture Lab, Genetic Lab, Hematology Lab, Flow Cytometry Lab. and ADU Central Research Laboratories. They can also benefit from the Faculty of Medicine, ADU Application and Research Hospital and ADU Central Library.
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