Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.To be able to develop expertise knowledge in a civil engineering area founded on their graduate competence.
2.To be able to use the theoretical and practical expertise knowledge gained in their specialty area.
3.To be able to use the information, problem solving and / or practical skills from the field, in interdisciplinary studies.
4.To be able to create new knowledge by integrating their knowledge area with the knowledge coming from different disciplines; and solve problems that need expertise by using scientific research methods
5.To be able to solve the problems related to his/her area by using appropriate research methods
6.To be able to devise a problem in their specialty area, develop a solution methodology, solve the problem, and interpret the results and take action if necessary
7.To be able to criticize the knowledge in their specialty area, guide the learning process, and independently direct high level studies
8.To be able to systematically communicate the recent developments in their specialty area and their own studies to groups both inside and outside their specialty area, orally, in writing and visually
9.To be able to use computer software at a level required by their specialty area with drawing upon information and communication technology at a high level
10.To be able to introduce scientific, technological, social and cultural advancements in the field of civil engineering and to contribute to the process of being an information of the society and to sustain it.
11.To be conscious of professional and ethical responsibility and contribute to the establishment of this consciousness.
12.To be able to protect social, scientific, and ethical values during collection, interpretation, and dissemination stages of the data associated with their specialty area; instruct and supervise these values
13.To be able to use at least one foreign language in a level to follow current developments related to the field.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue