Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes be able to comprehend expert knowledge on field of pharmacology and toxicology in veterinary medicine
2. to be able to define expert knowledge on interdisciplinary interaction in pharmacology and toxicology be able to formulate ideas to solve complex problems using theoretical and practical information gained throughout the pharmacology and toxicology education
4. to be able to integrate and interpret information in the area of pharmacology and toxicology with information in different fields and, if the need arises, provides scientific information and solutions to solve problems.
5. to be able to develop and use strategies in his/her field of expertise in Master’s Program of Pharmacology and Toxicology be able to comprehend methods of obtained and submitted scientific knowledge be able to analyse current information related to his/her field of expertise (scientific information, procedures etc.) and use them when necessary. be able to apply technological tools in social relationships of vocational and professional environment.
9. to be able to review, evaluate and interpret any data (field observations, available scientific information etc.) towards a specific purpose.
10. to be able to comprehend expert knowledge on the function and basic pharmacological features of pharmacology and sub-branches of science, relationship between the drug and poison, pharmacokinetic, effects of the drugs, the dose-intensity and dose-effect relationship. be able to identify expert knowledge on the function and basic toxicological features of poison, classifications and types of poisoning, toxicokinetic, general principles of treatment of poisoning. be able to define and use laboratory equipment in a pharmacology and toxicology laboratory.
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