Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Having theoretical and practical up-to-date information at the level of expertise in the field of health tourism,
2.Being able to have knowledge about using current methods, techniques and devices of technology,
3. To be able to take active role in thermal, dental, medical, third age and disabled tourism organization and management,
4.To be able to analyze the problems related to health tourism with scientific methods and to evaluate them with a critical approach,
5.To be able to produce new projects for scientific researches, to have executive and finalizing skills
6.To be able to interpret researches by using appropriate statistical methods, to write a report of the research / study they have participated in and publish it in a national / internationally accepted magazine / present at scientific meetings,
7. Health tourism has theoretical and practical knowledge about the historical development and economic dimension of health tourism
8.In organizations providing services in the field of health tourism, they have the knowledge and skills to apply in strategic management, marketing, performance management, quality management and human resources management.
9.Gain the ability to convey intercultural differences, international health legislation and patient rights to knowing, interpreting and practicing.
10.Acquires theoretical and practical knowledge on ethics, politics and planning in health tourism, information systems, professional foreign language, finance and intermediary institutions
11.Has knowledge about basic concepts, terminology and complementary medicine (TAT) in health field
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue