Information Package / Course Catalogue
Intensive Care Nursing (Surgical Nursing)
Course Code: CHH524
Course Type: Area Elective
Couse Group: Second Cycle (Master's Degree)
Education Language: Turkish
Work Placement: N/A
Theory: 2
Prt.: 0
Credit: 2
Lab: 0
Objectives of the Course

Aims to give a critical decision-making ability to the students for patients requiring intensive care with a holistic approach in critical care, rehabilitation and education to continue, as needed in emergency situations .

Course Content

Intensive care nursing, intensive care unit for planning and management, and intensive care nursing interventions, fluid-electrolyte balance, nutrition, evidence-based practices, the intensive care patient monitoring and care, infection control, ethics, legal issues.

Name of Lecturer(s)
Learning Outcomes
1.To be able to explain the ethical rules to be followed for intensive care patients,
2.To be able to explain the physiological and psychological problems directed to nursing interventions for patients in intensive care,
3.To be able to explain the principles of infection prevention and care in intensive care,
4.To be able to explain the principles of intensive care patients, enteral and parenteral nutrition,
5.To be able to identify patients who need advanced life support in intensive care
6.To be able to internalize the importance of cooperation among the team members during the treatment of all types.
7.To be able to explain Evidence-based practices during the care of patients in intensive care,
Recommended or Required Reading
1.Lewis SL, Dirksen SR, Heitkemper MM, Bucher L, Camera IM (2011) Medical Surgical Nursing: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems, Vol:1, Ed 8, Mosby, St Louis.
2.AORN (2011) Perioperative Standards and Recommended Practices, Recommended Practices for Product Selection in Perioperative Practice Setting,
3. Ignatavicius DD., Workman ML: Medical-surgical nursing : critical thinking for collaborative care, Mosby, Louis, 2006.
4. Woodrow P. Intensive Care Nursing Second Edition,Routledge, Newyork, 2006
5.Rothrock C.J., Alexander’s Care of the Patient in Surgery , twelfth edition, Mosby USA, 2005
6. Edited by] Punder R., Nursing the Surgical Patient, Second Edition, Elsevier Science, China, 2005
7. Karadakovan, A., Aslan Eti, F (2010) Dahili ve Cerrahi Hastalıklarda Bakım, Nobel Kitabevi, Adana.
Weekly Detailed Course Contents
Week 1 - Theoretical
Introduction to Intensive Care Nursing
Week 2 - Theoretical
Structure and Management of Intensive Care Unit
Week 3 - Theoretical
Intensive Care Infections and Prevention
Week 4 - Theoretical
Physiological Problems in Intensive Care Patients Observed
Week 5 - Theoretical
Psychological Problems in Intensive Care Patients Observed
Week 6 - Theoretical
Nutrition Intensive Care Patients
Week 7 - Theoretical
Invasive and Noninvasive Monitoring Intensive Care patients
Week 8 - Intermediate Exam
Midterm Exam
Week 9 - Theoretical
ECG and hemodynamic monitoring
Week 10 - Theoretical
Mechanical ventilator Patient Care
Week 11 - Theoretical
Advanced Life Support in Intensive Care Unit
Week 12 - Theoretical
Intensive Care patients Care
Week 13 - Theoretical
Legal and Ethical Issues Encountered in the ICU
Week 14 - Theoretical
Evidence-based practices in the ICU
Week 15 - Theoretical
Evidence-based practices in the ICU
Week 16 - Final Exam
Final Exam
Assessment Methods and Criteria
Type of AssessmentCountPercent
Midterm Examination1%40
Final Examination1%60
Workload Calculation
ActivitiesCountPreparationTimeTotal Work Load (hours)
Lecture - Theory140228
Midterm Examination115217
Final Examination120222
Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes
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