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General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Eyyüp Mennan YILDIRIM
Head of Division
Lec. Ferhat KİREMİT
Departmental Coordinator
ll of the methods used to obtain a new organism (plant, animal, or microorganism) using all or part of the plant, animal or microorganisms, or to make changes in the desired direction in the genetic structure of an existing organism are called Biotechnology. Nowadays, the techniques applied to meet the increasing food need are not enough and new techniques are inevitable in this field. Today, the only area that can respond to the need in this direction is the biotechnological techniques. Both the application of biotechnological methods and the teaching / transfer of new generations depends on the presence of qualified specialists. The Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, was established to train experts and academic staff in this field.
Agricultural Biotechnology in Turkey started in 2009 and Adnan Menderes University, Faculty of Agriculture, Agricultural Biotechnology Department started education in 2012 and gave its first graduates in 2016. Agricultural Biotechnology Department was established in 2018 within the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences and it took the first graduate students in the same year.
-In education, equipped with contemporary knowledge of agricultural problems and solutions, the ability to access and synthesize information, environment and human health, sensitive to professional ethics and responsibility, who can lead the environment is to train expert agricultural engineers. - To develop and use new technologies and methods within the scope of research and development activities related to biotechnology and to make positive contributions to the plant production processes and literature in the region, region, country and the world.
n the field of Agricultural Biotechnology with a modern quality education program, it is aimed to educate the country in the field of agricultural biotechnology; - producing solutions with projects on agricultural problems in line with contemporary information and technologies; - Developing ties with the world of national and international science.
The aim of this course is to provide the students with the knowledge and skills of project preparation, implementation and evaluation of agricultural problems. Upon successful completion of the program, the graduates receive the "Graduate Diploma in the Agricultural Biotechnology" and become the "Agricultural Engineer (MSc)".
Physical Infrastructure
There are 6 laboratories in the Agricultural Biotechnology Department of the Faculty of Agriculture, each of which is 60 m2. These laboratories; 1. Animal Biotechnology Laboratory I 2. Animal Biotechnology Laboratory II 3. Enzyme and Microbial Biotechnology Laboratory 4. Microbiology Laboratory 5. Plant Biotechnology Laboratory 6. Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory The Agricultural Biotechnology and Food Safety Research and Application Center (TARBİYOMER), which is on the campus of the Faculty of Agriculture, offers the opportunity to students to carry out all kinds of thesis and research activities. In all of these laboratories, students have the opportunity to do their studies and research.
Technical Infrastructure
Graduate students are able to conduct all kinds of research in the field of biotechnology in the laboratories of Agricultural Biotechnology. In addition, there are 15 computers in the laboratories and classrooms which are open to the use of undergraduate and graduate students within the Faculty of Agriculture, which can be used in educational activities. These computers and other educational tools are available to students on weekdays until the end of work.
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