Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.1. Has a deep and systematic level of knowledge about self-care, physical-motor, cognitive-language, social-emotional development areas of 0-18 year old children.
2.Knows all concepts about the development and the education of 0-18 year old children and youth by developing the habit of research and learning, keeping consciousness and knowledge constantly throughout life, and follows the studies on this subject.
3.Uses his/her knowledge about self-care, physical-motor, cognitive-language, social-emotional development of 0-18 year old children for the developmental and educational diagnosis of children, in the units related to his/her profession for the benefit of children, families and society.
4.Identifies the problems in his/her country on health, developmental, educational and social services issues of 0-18 year old children and their families, produces appropriate solutions and original ideas using his/her basic knowledge about these problems.
5.Using his/her basic information on the topics of Child Development and Education, makes suggestions, transfers the learned topics into practice, interprets information and results from practice. Analyzes the scientific research published in the field with a critical point of view.
6.Can use his/her accumulated information on his/her profession in favor of health, educational and social services organizations, particularly for children and their families, takes active roles in developmental and educational programs and related projects; participates in researches.
7.Acts in accordance with the ethics of science, observes the psychological state of the children and their families in experimental researches on children.
8.Behaves in accordance with laws, regulations and legislation and respectful of democracy, human rights, social, scientific and professional ethical values, presenting an example for the society with his/her attitude, behavior and appearance.
9.Has adequate awareness about quality management and processes, individual and environmental protection and occupational safety issues including infants, children and families, participates and behaves accordingly in these processes.
10.Can integrate his/her accumulated information about his/her profession with information from different disciplines, and can create multidisciplinary workspaces by participating team work.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue