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General Information
Unit Managers
Lec. Kamil BİRCAN
Head of Division
World trade volume is increasing gradually. One of the important pressures created by increasing international trade on businesses; It is necessary to solve the problems of both the supply of raw materials and the delivery of finished products to the target locations on an international scale. In order to gain competitive advantage; right products must be available at the right place at the right time and operations must be carried out with minimum cost. For the solution of the mentioned problems, it is of great importance to train logistics managers who can solve these problems. While the process of transforming our country into an international logistics center continues; They will not only meet the need for managers to take part in operations in companies operating in the logistics sector, but also the need for experts who can solve the supply chain problems of companies in the manufacturing and service sector.
Logistics Management (Interdisciplinary) Master's Program with Thesis was opened in 2020 and accepted its first students.
With the Logistics Management (Interdisciplinary) Master's Program, it is our mission to train managers and manager candidates who have the knowledge and experience needed in the logistics sector, which has become the artery of our economy, to increase the studies on logistics management in the academic field and to train scientists who will work in this field.
To raise innovative individuals who can see worldwide problems and offer solutions in their area of ??expertise.
The main purpose of the Logistics Management Master's Program is to train qualified expert staff that will increase the competitiveness of public and private sector organizations in the national and international arena, in accordance with the economic policy objectives of our country, and to expand academic studies in the field of logistics.
Physical Infrastructure
There are 20 classrooms in our building. There are four classrooms for 25 people, four classrooms for 70 people, and twelve classrooms for 30 people. Each classroom has an overhead projector, computer and video projection device.
Technical Infrastructure
There are 80 computers with internet connection available for use during class hours in Söke Faculty of Business Administration. At the same time, 24-hour uninterrupted high-speed internet connection is provided wirelessly in the entire faculty building. Computer Laboratory-1: The computer laboratory, which has a 75 m2 usable area, has 40 computers. Computer Laboratory-2: The computer laboratory, which has a 75 m2 usable area, has 40 computers.
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