Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.To deepen the general knowledge in the field of guidance and psychological counseling within the framework of basic theories and practices, to have a comprehensive understanding of guidance and psychological counseling theories and models
2.Ability to apply appropriate psychological counseling skills, interventions and strategies at school level by conceptualizing child and adolescent clients' problems within the framework of psychological counseling theories.
3.Establishing, maintaining and terminating the professional help relationship by making use of psychotherapeutic theories, skills and conditions so that children and adolescents can recognize, understand, accept and develop themselves.
4.Knows contemporary educational theories and approaches, using these theories and approaches while supporting the development of the individual, society and education system
5.To have an understanding of the expertise area of psychological counseling on the basis of school
6.Developing a unique understanding of psychological counseling on a school basis
7.To follow national and international publications in the field of guidance and psychological counseling and to follow scientific activities (congress, summer school programs) publications.
8.Carrying out the necessary studies for the implementation of psychological counseling and guidance programs to the life of the clients and the continuous development of the clients.
9.To be able to conduct scientific research in the field of guidance and psychological counseling.
10.Being able to pay attention to prioritizing the scientific method and perspective in their work.
11.To be able to establish and maintain the determination of guidance and psychological counseling services in school-based services in accordance with ethical principles, rules and laws.
12.Being determined to act in accordance with school psychological counseling professional identity
13.Developing culture sensitive psychological counseling skills and using them in school practices.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue