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General Information
Unit Managers
Head of Division
Prof. Altuğ ÖZDEN
Departmental Coordinator
Prof. Göksel ARMAĞAN
Departmental Coordinator
Lec. Halil İbrahim YILMAZ
Departmental Coordinator
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Erasmus Coordinator
The department of Agricultural Economics began its activities with the establishment of the Faculty. the Master's program was opened in 1997, and the PhD program was opened in 2014. There are two major field of studies: Agricultural Management and Agricultural Policy and Extension. Agricultural Management deals with planning and analysis of agricultural enterprises, marketing of agricultural products, cooperatives, and financing. Agricultural policy and extension deals with internal and external impacts of the policies applied in agriculture, agricultural extension, and socio-economic aspects of the rural development. The department offers a graduate program that leads to M.S. degree in agricultural economics. Currents research in the department includes agricultural marketing, contract farming, and international trade. Those students who graduate from the department can work everywhere in which agricultural engineers are employed. In addition, they can work as planners in investment related institutions , financial managers at banks providing agricultural loans and they are especially preferred at agribusiness and exporting firms as managers. Graduate students in the Department of Agricultural Economics can take part in many public and private sector organizations. In particular, they have the opportunity to work as a lecturer in many universities affiliated to the Higher Education Institution (YÖK), as well as the Research Institutes affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.
The Department of Agricultural Economics was established in 1992 as a part of the Faculty of Agriculture. In 1997, the Master's program was opened, and in 2014, the PhD program was opened. There are two departments under the name of Agricultural Policy and Extension and Agricultural Management in the department. There are 4 Professors, 3 Associate Professors, 1 Research Assistant Doctor and 1 Research Assistant in the department.
To educate its students in the areas of agricultural economics, and train them to work efficiently in agribusiness firms, and agricultural public institutions, and to carry out regional and national research in the field of agricultural economics.
To establish an educational system that follows global changes simultaneously, established main infrastructure, formed high quality standards, prepares its students for both professional and social life, and carries out research that addresses to the problems of the region and country.
To conduct research in related fields, to offer undergraduate and graduate programs, to publish research results, extension, and to organize scientific activities. In that context the purpose can be summarized as follows: To conduct research at international, national, regional, and farm levels to provide solutions to the economic and social problems of agriculture. To approach to the national and local issues from the perspective of macro and micro scales and suggest policies. To educate students in the areas of farm management, organization, integration, and international relations covering modern production techniques and economic principles. To collaborate with national and international organizations in the areas of research and education.
Physical Infrastructure
There is a documentation center which hosts a seminar room equipped with computer and projection. In addition, students can utilize computer lab and library located at the Faculty.
Technical Infrastructure
There is a documentation center which hosts a seminar room equipped with computer and projection. In addition, students can utilize computer lab and library located at the Faculty.
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