Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Hasan ERDEN
Head of Division
Unit Coordinators
Assoc. Prof. Figen SEVİL KİLİMCİ
Bologna (ECTS/DS) Coordinator
Prof. Mehmet Erkut KARA
Erasmus Coordinator
Assoc. Prof. Figen SEVİL KİLİMCİ
Farabi Coordinator
Prof. Erkut TURAN
Mevlana Coordinator
Adnan Menderes University (ADU), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, in Aegean Region of Turkiye, was established in 1992. It is located in the West Campus (Işıklı Campus), approximately 5 km away from Aydin Municipality. The Campus includes an animal hospital, two temporary buildings for administration, classrooms, laboratories and students’ cafeteria, and three other buildings for poultry breeding, experimental animal breeding and horse riding units. A large animal breeding unit and a new building for lectures and Basic Sciences’ Departments are to build in near future. OUr department depend of Basic Sciences in Veterinary Faculty. Anatomy department is composed four professors, one associated professors, and three research assistants. Our department have a student and research laboratory, maceration unit, plastination unit (It will be worked at 2008).
Anatomy Department associated with Institute of Health Sciences has given postgraduate education since 19998
The mission of the Anatomy Department is to provide in information the basic of animal body, to supply the applicable knowledge in clinical training for student, and to encourage the students to do research. Doing these, the students’ demand and happiness to the priority for our department. For the academicians make strong effort on the bone morphometry, biomechanic and peripheral nerves. The results of these studies are transmitted to the general public. The production of skeleton and anatomic model is importance in our mission for an educational tool and for a source of income. Department has 4 professor, 1 associate professor, 3 research assistant one having doctorate degree. Our graduates are well equipped with the anatomical knowledge and the capability to succeed the new developments in anatomical sciences and are expected to meet the needs of the veterinary medicine.
To educate scientists who has a potential to contribute universal progress in science in his/her own field, following modern science and technology, be respected and preferred international level, self-confident and having sense of responsibility, respectful for ethical values, sophisticated, qualified, having leadership ability in his/her own field under variable global conditions.
Education is an inevitable component of economic and social development of the population. However, undergraduate education is not always satisfactory enough on competition based working platforms and, thus, the demand for the highly educated personnel steadily increases. The main objective of the Anatomy Department in the Institute of Health Sciences is to support the students willing to get more training and information regarding Anatomy and related subjects.
Physical Infrastructure
Anatomy Department has sufficient number of academic staffs, modern tools and equipments which are necessary for this education.
Technical Infrastructure
Classrooms, Laboratuary, Computer
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