Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Based on acquirements relevant to undergraduate and/or graduate levels, usage of associated information deeply, development of knowledge by several methods along with reaching peculior results.
2.Detecting relevant problems, establishing hypothesis against solution, acquirement of solving hypothesis within computational and experimental methods.
3.A systematic approach of evaluating and using new knowledge on related field.
4.Usage of previously known scientific methods related to field for advanced/newly known/occuring problems.
5.For Large and Small Animal Internal Medicine, taking into account the systemic clinical examination, realizing the true diagnosis for interpreting the clinical and laboratory findings, and the need to implement effective and rational treatment for taking prophylactic measures.
6.Detecting the problems related to Turkish animal husbandry related to herd health and prophylactic veterinary surgeon.
7.Reviewing and usage of all related data (field observations, scientific knowledge) for requirements.
8.Innovation in the field of science, the scientific method for a new area of development and application of a method known to have one of a new plan that for.
9.Following, evaluating, presenting and discussing the international literature in the field of Veterinary Internal Medicine.
10.Offering all kinds of development and innovation in the field of appropriate methods, the economic and social advancement of the society for contribution.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue