Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. İsmet ATEŞ
Head of Division
Assoc. Prof. Umut EVLİMOĞLU
Departmental Coordinator
Ins. Mehmet Emrah DURULAN
Departmental Coordinator
The Department of Economics has been in education and training since 1994.
The Mission of the Department of Economics is to provide a suitable environment for students who can contribute to social life with their systematic and critical thinking skills and knowledge in the field.
Our vision is to raise qualified individuals with a high intellectual capacity, advanced social skills, and adaptability to today's dynamic business world, which our country and our companies need.
We aim to train scientific experts who have sufficient knowledge of economic systems and work in every position of financial institutions and organizations.
Physical Infrastructure
The Nazilli Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science is located in İsabeyli, which is 20 minutes away from the centrum of the Nazilli. The faculty has three blocks with twenty-six thousand meter square areas. There are 15 lecture halls, 8 classrooms, 1 canteen, 1 dining hall, 80 workrooms for academic staff, 2 pc laboratories, 1 library, and a dormitory for 500 persons near the faculty in the faculty. The students are able to connect to the internet in both pc laboratories and private cafes that are located nearby the faculty.
Technical Infrastructure
Access to the computer and internet infrastructure of the faculty is provided in each workroom via computer and laptop. The internet infrastructure is designed to serve academics and staff for uninterrupted internet access for scientific study. Also, the internet infrastructure is provided for students through pc laboratory that is in the faculty and private cafes that are located nearby the faculty.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue