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General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Mevlüt TÜRE
Head of Division
Departmental Coordinator
Unit Coordinators
Prof. Mevlüt TÜRE
Bologna (ECTS/DS) Coordinator
Erasmus Coordinator
Farabi Coordinator
Prof. Gökay BOZKURT
Mevlana Coordinator
The Master's and PhD programs, were openedin ADU Institute of Health Sciences, Department of Biostatistics on 08.09.2012 and became operational in 2012-2013. Three Master's students approved in fall semester of 2012-2013 and 1 Master's student approved in spring semester of 2012-2013 have been doing their academic study.
The Department of Biostatistics has been formed (established) in 2008 by Prof. Dr. Mevlüt Türe, under the Medical School of Adnan Menderes University. The all biostatistics courses of Adnan Menderes University are lectured by teaching staff of our deparment since then. The statistical advisory service has started in 2008 and the Masters and PhD programs in Biostatistics in 2012.
To help medical students conceive biostatistical methods, without memorizing, in such a way that they will be able to design clinical or epidemiological research; carry out basic statistical tests and interpret the results; read, understand and criticize medical literature, To ensure the proper use of the methods and principles of Biostatistics Research, To cooperate with researchers working in different disciplines, To make contribution for the design, conduct, analysis and reporting of medical researches without departing from ethical and scientific facts and to educate people with this goal, To provide primarily the Medical School of Adnan Menderes University,all the institutions and organizations with high quality consulting services about issues of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics University.
To be one of the Departments of Biostatistics providing quality education in Turkey; By incorporating the research activities in our faculty, to contribute our faculty to be the leading in Turkey and one of the leading in the international arena, To make our department a leader as a reference center in biostatistics and medical researches in Turkey.
It is primarily aimed to teach students the basic concepts of statistics and statistical methods used for health care, to make the students be able to use statistical tests needed for their own research; also to train students who can analyse the data collected from different fields of sciences related to living organisms such as Biology, Veterinary, Medicine, Agriculture, Physical Education, etc. and be able to examine the statistical methods used in the fields of science comparatively, and also who can carry out the work to develop new methods which are necessary to improve new techinques.
Physical Infrastructure
One study room for students, one laboratory with computers have statistical programmes
Technical Infrastructure
One projection equipment, one laptop with statistical package programmes, library
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