Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.To be able to develop and deepen in the level of expertise with original thinking and / or research in recent and advanced information in the field of communıty health nursing as based on the field of public health nursing postgraduate qualification, and to create the original definitions bring innovation to the area, to evaluate and use new information in a systematic approach
2.Theories devoloping quality of care towards individual,family and society ,using conceptual framework and to make of evidence based nursing practice
3.To approach a systematic way to new ideas in community health nursing and gaining advanced skills in academic reasearch methods in the field.
4.Developing an innovative scientific method bringing innovation to science or practising an already established model in different field. Studying, understanding, designing, adapting and implementing an original subject and be able to contribute to science by publishing
5.Conducting a critical analysis, interpretation and evaluation of new and sophisticated ideas,to achieve original result by using expert knowledge
6.Developing new ideas and methods by using creative and critical thinking skills and leading.
7.At least one foreign language,advanced written,verbal and visual communicating and discussing. (“European Language Portfolio Global Scale”, Level C1)
8.Scientific , social and cultural developments follow to contribute to the development of the information society.
9.setting priorities in problem solving ,establishing a functional interaction by using the process of etnical decision –making
10.To be able to has knowledge and skills in high-level about statistics the methods used in the field of community healt researches, and select, implement and interpret the correct statistica methods in her research, evaluate a scientific article in terms of research methods and statistics.,
11.Field of communıty health establishing effective communication showing one’s competency in the area/, defending original opinions to discuss of subject in the area with experts in the domestic/ international environments
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue