Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.To be able to use critical thinking skills in nursing education, research and application.
2.To be able to conduct advanced independent research to solve problems related to nursing and child health nursing field, to interpret the results of research and to be able to use it in solving problems.
3.To be able to use the scientific research findings in child health and health problems in nursing care.
4.To be able to examine a problem related to child health and diseases nursing independently, to develop a solution method, to apply and to evaluate the results.
5.To be able to critically evaluate the knowledge about the field of pediatric and nursing nursing.
6.To be able to use nursing / child health nursing and development theories and models in the field of child health nursing.
7.To be able to create new information by integrating information about theories and practices in different disciplines with information in the field of pediatric nursing.
8.To be able to lead students and other colleagues to learn and to be able to develop their knowledge and skills when necessary.
9.To be able to produce solutions on social, scientific, cultural and ethical issues encountered in the field of child health and to support the development of these values.
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