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General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Hacı Halil BIYIK
Head of Division
Res. Assist. Derya ULUĞ
Departmental Coordinator
Res. Assist. Fatma BURSALI
Departmental Coordinator
Unit Coordinators
Prof. Ali ÖZMEN
Bologna (ECTS/DS) Coordinator
Prof. İbrahim ÇAKMAK
Erasmus Coordinator
Prof. Nilgün YENİCE
Farabi Coordinator
Department of Biology has a number academic staff which consists 17 (one from the Department of Medical Biology) , 3 associate professors, and 1 Research Assistant Education and research activities are carried out in 6 branches of science, namely botany, ecology, general biology, molecular biology, hydrobiology and zoology, with a total of 25 academic staf
Biology division was founded in 1999-2000 Educational Year with Masters Degree. Doctorate Degree Program started in 2003-2004 Educationsl Year. As of 2011-2012 Education Year, 44 Master's Degree and 16 Ph.D. students were graduated.
Our mission is to educate our students as equipped modern, scientific biologists with information and skills in the area of biological sciences. Our graduates should be competitive and qualified biologists in all fields of biology.
To become an internationally acknowledged, preferred and recognized department in biology.
The aim of the Biology programme is to develop the scientific research ability in biology and its sub-disciplines, to increase scientific knowledge, to reach, evaluate and interpret scientific knowledge for the students.
Physical Infrastructure
In the Department of Biology, 17 Professors (one from the Department of Medical Biology), 4 associate professors, and 3 Dr. A total of 25 academic staff, including a Research Assistant and 1 Research Assistant, are working. The research areas of the staff of the Department are spread over different areas. There are also the following laboratories used for both education and research in our department: Plant Physiology and Tissue Culture Research Laboratory, Biochemistry Research Laboratory, Herbarium, Hydrobiology Research Laboratory, Cell Culture Laboratory, Microbiology Research Laboratory, Molecular Biology and Ecology Research Laboratory, Invertebrate Animals Research. Laboratory, Vector Insects Research Laboratory, Vector Control and Biocidal Products Research Laboratory, Zoology Museum. In the Biology Department, it contributes to the increase of knowledge, skills and experience by sending students who meet the necessary conditions within the framework of the ERASMUS program to universities abroad.
Technical Infrastructure
Biology department have 4 classrooms which have computer and multimedia projector. 2 out of 4 classrooms are 100 person capacity, one have 80 person capacity and one have 40 person capacity. In addition, there are 3 student laboratories with technical properties which have 40 person capacity each.
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