Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Kayhan DELİBAŞ
Head of Division
Res. Assist. Funda ŞERBET
Departmental Coordinator
Res. Assist. Tuğçe Zeynep ABALI AKGÜL
Departmental Coordinator
Department offers students a large range of sub-areas in sociology such as social theory, gender, migration, family, globalisation and social policy, urbanisation and urban problems, rural sociology, economic sociology, sociology of religion, crime and deviance, research methods and statistics. Taking into account that students will be naturally interested in different areas of sociology we try to keep the number of elective lectures as high as possible. Another issue which our department gives importance is that to make sure that students understand the close relationship between the theory and practice/research. Therefore, students are given opportunities to prepare projects or research in some cases within the lecture or in their thesis.
Sociology Department was founded in 1992. Education in Undergraduate program started in 2000-2001 Academic Year. Length of Undergraduate program is 4 years and language of education is Turkish. In addition to undergraduate education, the department also offers postgraduate education; sociology master's degree, sociology master's without thesis degree and a doctorate degree. Sociology master's degree was started in 2004-2005 academic year and sociology master's without thesis degree started in 2015-2016 academic year. The doctorate program started in 2008-2009 academic year and was co-operated with Sociology department of Pamukkale University until 2015-2016 academic year. As of 2015-2016 academic year, the doctorate program continues education activities independently. Head of department is Prof. Dr. Kayhan DELİBAŞ.
The mission of the department is active participation in the accumulation of sociological knowledge and contribution to research and applications on both national and international level; to educate social scientists who are capable of critically and creatively approaching the nature and problems of socio-cultural structure from a social scientific perspective; well-informed about recent scientific methods and can conduct unique and independent research; whose sense of responsibility, social and environmental awareness is high and who are sensitive to professional and scientific ethical principles and also interests of the country.
Our vision is to become a department which actively contributes to the accumulation of both national and international level knowledge; proposes policies towards social problems and actively participates in its applications.
To provide students with a fundamental knowledge and competence in order to examine the social structure, institutions, processes and social action from a sociological perspective. To provide students with a necessary knowledge and competence in order to be able to design and carry out a research by using sociological methods and techniques. To bring in a critical and analytical thinking ability in the light of sociological theories and approaches. To provide students with an awareness of social problems particularly in Turkey, and to bring in them be able to produce sociological solutions. To provide students with an ability to look from an interdisciplinary perspective To provide students with a competence in order to be able to predict on social processes and developments.
Physical Infrastructure
Sociology Department is located in Faculy of Arts and Sciences. Our department have bilateral agreements within ERASMUS student and lecturer exhange programme. Students benefit from campus in the entire social and cultural opportunities.
Technical Infrastructure
Sociology department have 1 classroom and 1 seminar room with computer and multimedia projector and 15 person capacity.
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