Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.1. Lesson is to provide information about the basic concepts and applied areas of archaeology.
2.2. Recognition, be inform and digging the uncover of archaeological treasures of our country and region.
3.3. Understanding of other disciplines related to the science of archaeology, ability to put forward the relations between them.
4.4. Detect the archaeological treasures of our country in the process and do today to be associated with it.
5.5. Interpret and evaluate the archaeological materials.
6.6. Necassary for the application of modern techniques, materials and use of materials and application tools of archaeology.
7.7. Disciplinary and interdisciplinary team-work.
8.8. To act independently, using initiative and creativity skills.
9.9. Embracing the the importance of lifelong learning, develop self-monitoring developments in science and technology issues.
10.10. Ability to work as an individual capable of independent decision-making ideas in oral and written communication skills to express clear and concise manner.
11.11. To have awareness of ethical and professional responsibility.
12.12. Contribute to society in raising awareness about archaeology.
13.The data contained in our country and the world’s cultural haritage-protection of cultural assets, to transfer to future generations and to introduce them to the world.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue