Information Package / Course Catalogue
Academic Information
Education System
Tourism and Travel Services - Regular Education
Tourism and Travel Services - Second Shift Education
Education System
All the education and training activities have been carried out by the directions of Adnan Menderes University Didim Vocational School .
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
The students eligible for internal and interacademic transfer are allowed to transfer laterally to the programmes they desired. Only the students who are eligible for the regulation regarding double major, minor, interacademic transfers of Adnan Menderes University are allowed to apply to quota determined.
Qualification Awarded
Associate Degree
Specific Admission Requirements
General principals for approval for Turkish and foreign students are valid to start the programme.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
Credits and grade transfers of the student's former programme are adapted by school board on condition that applied in the first week of the academic year for once only.
Profile of The Programme
The programme offers a two year education. Before they start receiving education at this department, they study English for a year in preparatory classes in Aydin via the latest methodology and technological devices. The candidates are accepted by the regulation of OSYM held every year in Turkey. Totally 100 students are educated in the programme ( 50 for morning, 50 for evening classes). The students have to choose all the courses offered in the programme and get at least 60 (of 100) to pass the course. The students also have to complete a 30 day internship to get the degree. Internship is significantly important as we believe practice makes perfect.Thus, Students fulfil both vocational practice during the academic year and internship in summer.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Graduate students can be employed at tourism industry and food and beverage departments of other sectors.
Access to Further Studies
The graduate students are allowed to continue their undergraduate programmes by entering Vertical Transfer Exam held by OSYM.
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
The students in the programme have to attend all the exams (1 midterm, 1 final) throughout the academic term. Midterms are scheduled by school board and final exams are scheduled by university every academic year. The students must have an average of 60 of 100 of midterm and final exam to pass the course. 90-100 AA 4.00 85-89 BA 3.50 75-84 BB 3.00 70-74 CB 2.50 60-69 CC 2.00 55-59 DC 1.50 45-54 DD 1.00 40-44 FD 0.50 0-39 FF 0.00
Graduation Requirements
The students have to pass all the courses in syllabus in the programme and get 60 (of 100). The students have to get at least 120 ECTS credits to complete the programme. They also have to fulfill a 30 day obligatory internship in the programme.
Work Placement
The students have to fulfill the 30 day obligatory internship to complete the programme successfully.
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