Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.To be able to be bounded to the Atatürk nationalism, adopted to the national, ethic, spiritual and cultural value of the Turkish Nation, opened to the universal and modern development, adopted the richness, deep seated and productive properties of the Turkish language, having language sympathy and awareness, having reading pleasure and habit and having sufficient foreign language for their vocational necessities, In the directions of the Atatürk Principles and Revolutions,
2.To be able to comprehend social, cultural and societal responsibility and keep up with national and international up contemporary issues and developments.
3.Utilizes together mathematics, science and theoretical and applied knowledge in their field for engineering solutions.
4.Determines, identifies formulizes and solves the problems. For this purpose selects and applies analytical methods and modeling techniques.
5.Selects and utilizes the necessary modern techniques and equipment for industrial applications.
6.Designs and performs experiments, collects data and analyzes and elaborates results.
7.Works effectively as an individual or in multidisciplinary teams.
8.Collects information and makes literature survey for this purpose, utilizes databases and other information sources.
9.Be aware of lifelong learning; follows the developments in science and technology and continuously renews himself.
10.Analyzes and designs under realistic constraints a system, a system component or a process for meeting the required needs, for this purpose applies modern design methods.
11.Acquires professionalism and ethical responsibility in the profession.
12.Communicates by using technical drawing and manufactoring knowledge.
13.Be aware of the universal and social effects of industrial solutions and applications; is aware of entrepreneurship and innovation and has idea about the problems of the era.
14.Has knowledge about quality assurance and standardization and possess skills of execution of operations. In the same time, has the professional and ethical responsibility.
15.Is conscious of project management, business administration, health of the workers, environment and work safety; is aware of the legal consequences of industrial applications.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue