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Academic Information
Education System
Geriatric Care - Regular Education
Geriatric Care - Second Shift Education
Education System
Education and training programs are implemented 2-year high at our school (four semesters) . This learning is complete the associate's degree. Conducted in the course of theoretical and practical courses and currency ECTS. Lecture notes are provided by the upper system. 70% of theoretical courses and practical courses to attend must attend 80% of classes in the. 40% of the mid-term evaluation of lecture notes, taking 60% of the final grade is considered passing. Passing grade of 60 out of 100 for hands-on lessons and over.
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
Upon successful completion of pre-licensing education candidates Vertical Jump Test conducted by SSPC successful vocational college graduates can continue their education in graduate programs as follows: Physiotherapy and rehabilitation nursing, nutrition and dietetics
Qualification Awarded
Program (a total of 120 ECTS credits) students who successfully complete all courses in aged care associate's degree.
Specific Admission Requirements
Vocational college students' records, in accordance with the principles adopted by the Board of Higher Education and university performed. Students according to their score exam results, will enter the section ordering preferences, preferred forms of student selection and placement center (SSPC) send. College students are placed in a program registration process by SSPC yaptırır.Kayıt operation: High school or equivalent diploma The outcome document made by OSYM Specific searched.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
Computer programs in the educational plans of the Turkish Language and English at the beginning of each academic year exemption exam for the courses are organized. The expected learning outcomes, students who have the right to take the exams. Those who pass the exam will be exempt from the related course.
Profile of The Programme
The main objective of Aged Care section of the elderly person's physical, psychological and social aspects of maintenance work in accordance with the requirements of fulfilling the old maintenance work, family and community involvement, providing health care at home or institution, in collaboration with team members, older individuals providing care to educate graduates. By application of the responsibility of academic staff in nursing homes, homes for the elderly and students, develop skills related to care of the elderly. We also practice their developing social projects in areas positively develop the communication between the department and the community. Courses are given in the section on care of the elderly with information on the courses and occupational skill, Turkish, English, Information and Communication technologies and so on. courses.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Employment opportunities for graduates from the program are as follows: Specifically related to the Social Services Directorate carried out elder care services, retirement homes and nursing homes, foundations and government, the Prime Minister's Family Research Council, the State Planning Organization, Family Counseling Centers, Municipal homes for the elderly and nursing homes, geriatric hospitals and clinics or hospitals, geriatric services, NGOs and private institutions, elderly care services carried out, the old nursing home, powerless residence for the elderly, day centers, home care practices for elderly care units of Directorates of Health, UNICEF, ILO and voluntary organizations, the elderly home arrangement, which serves as the protected private dwellings organizations work under the supervision of an expert.
Access to Further Studies
Upon successful completion of pre-licensing education candidates Vertical Jump Test conducted by SSPC successful vocational college graduates can continue their education in graduate programs as follows: Nutrition and Dietetics Physiotherapy and rehabilitation nursing
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Register for classes at the beginning of each semester and the final exam in order to participate at least 70% of courses, at least 80% of the applications must be continued. At least one for each course, students shall be subject to mid-term and final exam. The mid-term exam (grade homework, laboratory exams, quizzes, etc. can be evaluated in the scores obtained from measuring instruments) contributed 40% and 60% of the contribution of the final exam. All exams are graded out of 100. Final exam, students are required to obtain at least 50 points
Graduation Requirements
In order to graduate from the program, the courses Degree Programme On Elderly Care and applications (internships) and the application of summer (summer internship) and a total of 120 credits must be completed to be successful.
Work Placement
Students at the end of 4th Term 2.yada has 30 working days to do a summer internship at the designated locations.
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