Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.It is sufficient to gain the competence to provide protection, development and promotion of elderly health
2.Has the ability to determine the factors affecting the elderly health.
3.Knows the basic features and needs of the elderly individual and in this direction to gain the ability to meet the needs of the elderly individual.
4.Use basic knowledge and skills related to elderly health and care, interpret and evaluate data and identify and solve potential problems.
5.Having the basic health knowledge, has the ability to apply the urgent applications and precautions to be taken in the work environment.
6.To be able to comprehend the structure, physiological functions, behaviors of healthy and sick individuals and the relationship between health and physical and social environment.
7.Acts in accordance with the laws, regulations and professional ethics rules related to their duties, rights and responsibilities.
8.She takes responsibility as a health team member in cooperation with other professional groups working in this field by using her knowledge in the field of elderly care.(dişil)
9.Plan and implement basic level activities for social rehabilitation in the elderly.
10.Can understand the social, physical and psychological changes of the elderly and meet their needs.
11.Has the knowledge and awareness of occupational safety, elderly and employee health protection, environmental protection in matters related to Elderly Care.
12.Be sensitive to the events on the agenda of the society and the world related to the field and follow developments.
13.Has knowledge and awareness of social responsibility, ethical values ??and patient rights in health care related subjects
14.Acts in accordance with quality management and processes and participates in these processes.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue