Information Package / Course Catalogue
Recreation and Animation
Course Code: TRZM255
Course Type: Non Departmental Elective
Couse Group: Short Cycle (Associate's Degree)
Education Language: Turkish
Work Placement: N/A
Theory: 2
Prt.: 0
Credit: 2
Lab: 0
Objectives of the Course

In this course, it is aimed to gain the necessary qualifications to the students who want to take a managerial position in the recreation industry in the future. The course also provides information about the importance of animation in tourism enterprises and planning of animation, management of animation activities.

Course Content

Time and leisure time evaluation, recreation and animation definition, characteristics, staff and training, preparation of animation programs.

Name of Lecturer(s)
Ins. Erhan COŞKUN
Learning Outcomes
1.Provide management and the launching of recreation and animation information and activities.
2.İdentify Recreation and understand historical events and trends in recreation management .
3.Ensure the organization of the animation department
4.The animation staff to learn the responsibilities and tasks.
5.Plan and implement animation program
Recommended or Required Reading
Weekly Detailed Course Contents
Week 1 - Theoretical
Recreation , leisure , tourism, animation , definitions.
Week 2 - Theoretical
Features Animation Development, Animation Types
Week 3 - Theoretical
Relations between animation and Tourism
Week 4 - Theoretical
Types of animation services : Sporty , Socio-Cultural , Travel
Week 5 - Theoretical
Animation Services Animation Tourism Product Functions and Effect
Week 6 - Theoretical
The Organisation of the Animation Department of the Hospitality Industry
Week 7 - Theoretical
Duties and Responsibilities of the Animation Department of Personnel
Week 8 - Theoretical
Planning of Animation Services , Department of Animation
Week 9 - Theoretical
Methods used in the preparation of the animation program
Week 10 - Theoretical
Preparation and Implementation of Animation Program
Week 11 - Theoretical
Organization of Animation Services
Week 12 - Theoretical
Employment Animation Staff, General Characteristics of animators
Week 13 - Theoretical
Process Management , Coordination and Communication
Week 14 - Theoretical
Traditional Culture Revitalization , Games
Assessment Methods and Criteria
Type of AssessmentCountPercent
Midterm Examination1%40
Final Examination1%60
Workload Calculation
ActivitiesCountPreparationTimeTotal Work Load (hours)
Lecture - Theory140228
Midterm Examination110111
Final Examination110111
Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes
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