Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.The protection of patients' health , it is sufficient to gain the qualification to provide development and improvement
2.To identify factors that influence the health of the elderly has the ability .
3.Patients know the basic characteristics and needs of individuals and accordingly gain the skills to meet the needs of the elderly.
4.Use basic knowledge and skills related to patient health and care, interpret and evaluate data and identify and resolve potential problems.
5.with have basic health information , as required by the profession and practice of emergency measures that need to be applied in the work environment is capable of .
6.Healthy and sick individuals structure, physiological functions , the relationship between behavior and health and physical and social environment can grasp at a basic level .
7.Task law on rights and responsibilities, comply with regulations and professional ethics.
8.with other professional groups working in this field using its accumulated knowledge about the field of home care patients to take responsibility as a member of the health team in cooperation
9. activities at the basic level can apply for social rehabilitation in patients with plan. of patients may meet the needs in this matter by understanding the physical and psychological changes.
11.issues related to patient care , safety , protection of the elderly and health care workers have the knowledge and awareness of environmental protection .
12.It can follow the development of the society about the area and is sensitive to events in the world's agenda.
13.on issues related to health services , social responsibility, ethical values ??and has the knowledge and awareness of patients' rights
14.Act in accordance with quality management and processes and participate in these processes .
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue