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Academic Information
Education System
Laboratory Technology - Regular Education
Education System
Associate degree teaching; four semesters or two years, and those who complete this education are awarded a diploma. Lectures in the university are conducted theoretically and / or practically. Course unit is a credit. The curriculum of educational programs is determined by both local credit and ECTS credit. The sum of the ECTS credits of courses belonging to one year is sixty credits a year excluding summer period, thirty credits per semester. Except for the final and make-up exams in one semester, registration renewal and weekend and holiday holidays, the theoretical and practical courses, the duration including the other studies and midterm exams are at least fourteen weeks. Each student must attend at least 70% of theoretical courses and at least 80% of the practices. However, students participating in various shows and competitions such as folk dances, sports, culture on behalf of the University can be excluded from this obligation by doing the applications they do not participate. Polling; the course is made by the students responsible for signing the course for each course. Students who are absent from the absenteeism can not take the semester final / makeup exams and repeat the course. If the student does not fulfill the attendance requirement, he / she must continue to attend classes, participate in applications that fail, and take exams. Success grade is calculated by adding 40% of the midterm grade and 60% of the final grade. However, the student must take at least 50 out of 100 full marks in final examinations. At the end of the semester / makeup exam, a notch must be at least 60 in order to be considered a successful dersten. Students who succeed in these exams will not be able to repeat this course and will not be able to enter another course for this course. In order to graduate, students must successfully complete all courses and internships in the related education program (120 ECTS total).
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
undergraduate students can apply to the postgraduate programs if they achieve acceptable percentage in DGS exam.
Qualification Awarded
Associate of Arts
Specific Admission Requirements
For admission and registration; The provisions of the relevant articles of Adnan Menderes University Cooperative Vocational School Education-Examination and Examination Directive apply.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
Undergraduate/vertical to the Faculties is based on the Adnan Menderes University, Koçarlı Vocational School, Education and examination directive.
Profile of The Programme
In our country and Aydın province, the educating of qualified personnel to be employed in agricultural and analysis laboratories of public and private institutions is the aim of "Laboratory Technology" program. In this program, it is aimed to introduce tools and devices to be used in analysis and to gain the skill of working in the laboratory and to teach agricultural laboratory techniques to students. This program aimed to train intermediate staff that can be set the method about soil, water, plant, fodder analyzes and method about plant protection technical, can be do applied analysis and evaluate these analyzes results, have to ability to follow new systems and technological methods, to design new products, to manufacture and quality control, to be able to work in job preparation, design, laboratory and production units including quality assurance.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Graduates will also be able to work in the laboratories of soil-water-plant, fertilizer analysis, wastewater treatment plants, agricultural fighting institutes, all types of food, pharmaceuticals, agricultural input producing factories, laboratories established in the municipality, laboratories of the university related departments, and their own laboratories can work in private laboratories.
Access to Further Studies
• Faculty of Agriculture (Plant Protection, Soil Science and Plant Nutrition Departments) • The food Engineering • Biology • Bioengineering • Nursing and Health Services • Molecular biology and genetics • Production and Marketing of Cultivated Plants
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
Exams are based on the Adnan Menderes University, Koçarlı Vocational School, Education and examination directive. Total 3 exams are carried out with 1 quiz, 1 final and 1 makeup exam in 1 semester. Final grade is calculated by the summation of the 40 % of te quiz and 60 % of the final exam (or makeup exam). to be accepted successful ,the student has to get 60 pointsout of 100 .
Graduation Requirements
In order to graduate students have to perform the related rules which are based on the Adnan Menderes University, Koçarlı Vocational School, Education and examination directive.
Work Placement
Students have to do practical training at the end of the II. or IV. semester with 30 working days.
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