Information Package / Course Catalogue
General Information
Unit Managers
Prof. Cumali ÖKSÜZ
Department Head
Unit Coordinators
Lec. Berker BULUT
Bologna (ECTS/DS) Coordinator
Prof. Cumali ÖKSÜZ
Erasmus Coordinator
Farabi Coordinator
Farabi Coordinator
Assoc. Prof. Ayşe ÖZTÜRK SAMUR
Mevlana Coordinator
The Programme of Primary School Education is a bachelor's degree programme in the Department of Primary Education in the Faculty of Education. Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Education was established by Council of Minister’s decision dated 01.09.1997 and numbered 97/892, and the department of primary Education started its education and instruction with 104 accepted students in 2000-2001 academic year.There are some required courses which include field knowledge, teaching profession, general culture and practice in this programe. Students can also take elective courses. Lessons are carried out theoretically and practically. Theoretical courses are carried out in classes equipped with technological facilities. Practical courses are given in two academic terms with the collaboration of the Faculty of Education, Provincial Directorates of National Education, and training schools and with the supervision of course teachers and teachers in training schools. The Programme of Primary School Education is an interdisciplinary field of study based on science and social sciences. The Programme of Primary Education has 2 Prof., 1 Assoc. Prof., 3 Assist. Prof., and 1 Research Assistant (Ph.D.).
Primary Education Program is one of the first programs of Faculty of Education established in 1997. Primary Education Program has started to training formal education in 2000-2001.
Turkish National Education System in accordance with legislation; qualified to work in primary schools, basic knowledge, skills and attitudes and, Ataturk, the Republic to the principles of a secular, modern and democratic features, equipped to train teachers.
Teacher in the process of harmonization of the European Union that our country needs to participate actively in development projects in education and scientific research and dissemination of information and hardware support.
The aim of this programme is to educate the prospective classroom teachers with the knowledge of basic academical issues as well as necessary skills and talents for the profession. Besides, the students are educated for combining the theoretical knowledge with practical; being the right model for their students as an individual and a teacher; with the ability of improving themselves and managing the time, of structuring effective communication; with the responsibility of obeying the scientific ethical rules; of being sensitive to human being, society and nature, and being aware of the importance of life-long learning.
Physical Infrastructure
The program uses the classrooms and computer halls in the department.
Technical Infrastructure
Students in the program, benefit the university library together with a library in the Faculty of Education. The students have the opportunity of participating to the all cultural and academic events realized in the Conference hall of the University Convention Center and the Faculty of Education Conference Hall. In addition, the students participate to sportive facilities, and student clubs individually.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue