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Education System
International Relations - Regular Education
International Relations - Second Shift Education
Education System
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is an institution that currently provides four-year first cycle education under 7 programs within 10 departments. At the same time, 12 second cycle programs under the Institute of Social Sciences, are carried out with the coordination of the Faculty's academic staff. The legal infrastructure applied in the Faculty for education and training system, is in essence based on the "Higher Education Law No. 2547" and "Adnan Menderes University Associate Degree and Bachelor's Degree Education and Examination Regulations". The students are admitted to the Faculty through Undergraduate Placement Exam results, lateral and vertical transfer and through the acceptance of foreign students. Each student must renew his registration in accordance with regulations at the dates specified in the academic calendar. Each student has a "student adviser". An academic year in the faculty consists of two semesters as fall and spring. Exam schedule in the Faculty is determined and announced annually in the previous year in April. The language of instruction is Turkish in general. International Relations First Degree Program under the Department of International Relations, began partial English education. In addition, English classes are opened for foreign students coming through Erasmus Student Exchange Program. Courses are conducted theoretically and practically in the Faculty. There are both national and ECTS credit application. Course equivalence, credit transfer, exams, grades and evaluation are made according to "Adnan Menderes University Associate Degree and Bachelor's Degree Education and Examination Regulations". Notes are given on the scale of 100. For the student to pass a course, the notes, which are evaluated over 100 full marks and calculated in the form of a weighted average, must be 50 for first cycle programs, 70 for second cycle programs and 75 for third cycle programs. The conversion of notes in 0/100 grading system to other grading systems is shown in "Adnan Menderes University Associate Degree and Bachelor's Degree Education and Examination Regulations." Each student that completes one of the first cycle programs of Nazilli Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is awarded a "first cycle degree".
Terms of Exchange and Transition Programs
Exchange between universities is possible by Erasmus, Farabi and Mevlana programs.
Qualification Awarded
Students who successfully complete this program, are entitled to the First Cycle Degree in International Relations (Bachelor of Arts)
Specific Admission Requirements
For students' acceptance to the department, one of the following conditions should be met: a) To be placed to the program by the OSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center) b) to meet the necessary conditions for vertical and horizontal transition, c) To meet the necessary conditions for the acceptance of foreign students.
Specific Arrangements For Recognition Of Prior Learning
"First cycle transfer student is exempted from the equivalent courses he has received in the previous degree program and all courses, including the exempted ones, taken in the previous higher education institution, are processed to the transcript; however the notes of those courses are not taken into consideration in the calculation of academic average."
Profile of The Programme
In addition to core courses in the field of International Relations, many courses in disciplines such as Political Science, Economics, Law and Finance are presented to students in a wide range of by faculty members with different research fields. The program provides students theoretical knowledge in the field of International Relations, as well as guidance on how to apply the acquired knowledge in professional life.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates With Examples
Our graduates can work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Underssecretariat of Foreign Trade, A-class positions of government agencies such as the Central Bank and in a variety of international or non-governmental organizations. They can also be assigned in the private sector, in the departments of foreign trade of national and international firms.
Access to Further Studies
"Students who graduate from this program, can apply to study in second cycle programs."
Examination Regulations, Assessment and Grading
In a single term, two exams consisting of 1 midterm exam and 1 final exam are conducted. The student's success grade is calculated by taking 40% of Midterm exam and 60% of final exam. The student with 50 out of 100 or above success grade is accepted as successful.
Graduation Requirements
Credits of graduation must be at least 240 ECTS (180 ECTS compulsory, 49 ECTS elective, 11 ECTS non-technical elective) in order to graduate from the department.
Work Placement
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