Information Package / Course Catalogue
Programme Outcomes
1.Students understand, evaluate and implement the basic concept and theories of the discipline of International Relations.
2.Students examine and follow up the political and social developments in the world. They understand and interpret current issues in the field of International Relations.
3.Students evaluate and explain international relations from an historical and legal perspective.
4.Students gain a general vision of international relations and political science. In that respect, they examine and analyze Turkey's place in world politics, its relationship with its neighbors and the world.
5.Students comprehend local, regional and national developments and establish links between them and global developments.
6.Students comprehend development processes, structures and functions of international political institutions and international / intergovernmental / regional organizations.
7.Students conduct research on academic and vocational subjects and interpret numerical and statistical data.
8.Students use basic computer programs and information technologies.
9.Students think analytical and critical and produce solutions within cases and problems.
10.Students follow up scientific studies on International Relations, published in Turkish and foreign languages and prepare and present articles, papers, theses and reports.
11.Students are open-minded and respectful for others’ thoughts and acts. They become socialized well in a social environment. They can express their opinions and thoughts easily.
12.Students take various tasks as team leader or as a member within the teamwork and are inclined to both teams work and individual work.
13.Students gain professional knowledge and theoretical background, required by the public sector and the private sector.
Adnan Menderes University - Information Package / Course Catalogue